We’re addicted to our phones.

Chances are you’re addicted to your mobile device if you are reading this article. The question is, just how addicted are you? Forty percent of iPhone users would rather not bathe than give up their precious mobile devices, according to research compiled by gadget insurance service Protect Your Bubble. (Infographic)



Oh. My. God, Becky. That’s just disgusting.

But wait, there’s more! Around 84 percent of people in the U.S. say they absolutely could not go one day without a smartphone. A full half of y’all sleep with your phones, and nearly as many use their smartphones at the gym.

Others are textingwhile making whoopee, and you know a fair amount of you use your phones while driving — which is not only pitiful but also dangerous.

Technically, smartphone usage isn’t an addition. We’ll save that term for the actual struggling addicts out there who grapple with alcohol and drug problems. But smartphone dependency undoubtedly makes the world a worse place and gives people an excuse to be less connected in meat space, missing out on opportunities for genuine human interactions.

So take one for the team, put down your smartphone for a few hours, and try to see the world around you through your own two eyeballs rather than through a digital filter, will ya?


Here’s the full infographic for your further dystopian discomfort:

Photo credit: Elite Daily

Via Venture Beat