New low-intensity pulsed ultrasound device helps regrow teeth.

Researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada have developed a low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) technology that they hope will ultimately be able to re-grow lost or severely damaged teeth from the root, eliminating the need for pricey prosthetics and painful procedures.


The pea-sized device, which can be held in place by a bracket or a crown, is controlled by a wireless remote and needs to gently massage the gums for 20 minutes a day over the course of four weeks to attain noticeable growth. This tech isn’t expected to be available to the public for another two years, so hold off on that all-candy and Red Bull diet you’ve been planning for just a little longer while you ponder the rather incredible possibility that this method could eventually be used to grow human bones and actually make people taller without subjecting them to any kind of medieval torture.

Via Engadget