revenue map

The map above shows the largest company by revenue in every state in the U.S.  The map drew information from Hoover’s, a Dun & Bradstreet company,  database of company profiles. It was created by Mike Simmons in collaboration with Broadview Networks. The site updates information based on figures available from the most recent fiscal year.



Simmons based decisions for each state off company headquarters and excluded any subsidiaries or government agencies as well as companies with foreign offices.

Some of the top companies make perfect sense, like Exxon in Texas, with $438.3 billion in revenue; General Motors in Michigan, $155.4 billion; and Wal-Mart in Arkansas, $476.3 billion.

Others, however, deliver a shock. You might think Microsoft or Boeing reigns in Washington, but a look at the data reveals that Costco, with $105.1 billion in revenue, actually comes out on top.

These states, as some of the biggest in the country, naturally house many of the companies with the most revenue, too.

Visit Hoover’s and use the filers at the bottom to check the top companies in your state.

Via Business Insider