How would you, your loved ones, or even your pet like to grow into a tree after death?  It is now possible with the Bios Urn.

TreeHugger covered the Bios Urn when it was still just a product concept from the mind of Gerard Moliné. Now, this biodegradable urn is in production, allowing people to grow a tree from the ashes of a loved one’s mortal remains.

The makers of Bios Urn hope to convert cemeteries into forests, using trees as memorials instead of cement and stone. The urn comes with pine tree seeds, but you can replace the seeds with those of any tree or plant of your choosing.

According to the maker’s website, the ashes are stored in the lower compartment and the upper compartment holds soil to facilitate growing. Eventually, both the container and ashes become part of the subsoil.

The Bio Urn isn’t the only eco-conscious urn that will return one’s remains to nature. There’s also the Poetree created by Margaux Ruyant and Carla Cava’s Arum, which uses ashes to create a memorial on a mature tree.

Image credit:  Bios
Via treehugger