Now is a time where we believe that advanced robotics is just around the corner. However, as it seems, creating a robot with the ability to run, fall, do the dishes or slip on a banana peel is a tricky task that just takes time and a lot of devotion.

So when the robotics design company Boston Dynamics finally introduced Spot last year, it was just the coolest robot on the block. Now guess what – they’ve continued their awe-inspiring work and introduced the even cooler SpotMini. Mini is a smaller and definitely more agile version of the old Spot with an eerie neck that reminds me of the laser cannon Number 5 used to wield around.

On the other hand, SpotMini does more than just scaring the heck out of children. It can run, it can fall, and it can even do your dishes. It wouldn’t surprise me if SpotMini could shave my beard… with a laser cannon, of course – in case it does, l’m gonna pre-order my own right now

So what to expect from the future of robotics? Besides being an all-electric work of art, the Mini version of Spot is the quietest robot the company has developed thus far. It is full of sensors, as well – containing the whole package, such as depth cameras, a solid state gyro (IMU), and proprioception, to ensure both navigation and mobile manipulation.

In case you grab the SpotMini’s arm, its grappling capabilities come into play inviting you to a round of arm wrestling that also, in a way, draws you back some 30 years. In case you think that’s a bit over the top, just check out the video below to see SpotMini in action.

SpotMini moves almost like a dog, showing unparalleled mobility dynamics. That’s a pretty amazing feat accomplished by Boston Dynamics’ and clearly pointing in the right direction. Who knows, SpotMini’s successors might even be able to become one’s own personal robot dog, a person’s best friend. But for now, the company still remains keen on testing out their robots on their abilities of remaining upright and, apparently, of taking damage (as you probably remember that part of their practices was to kick the robots). The only abusive behavior left is the ever funny slip on a banana peel. Although being hilarious it’s impressive how the robot was able to get up again by just using its “arm.”

So, be sure to watch the full video as SpotMini got its revenge with a little prank by the end of it.

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