Add the Orbike to Musk’s Boring Company program and you’ve literally got a city that’s perfect for any commuter. Sitting half above and half below the surface of the road, the Orbike is a donut-shaped vending machine that allows people to rent bicycles and bike-related equipment. Designed to be efficient, but more to grab attention, the Orbike rotates inside its transparent shell, allowing you to literally cycle through products before choosing what to buy/rent.

 Built with dedicated areas to take equipment out and put equipment in, the Orbike provides a rather unique vending experience. With 8 compartments (4 sitting below the surface), the Orbike can store not just different types of bikes but even rinding equipment. Strategically located across the city, the Orbike system can allow you to drive a bicycle from your home to work without actually having to own a bike. Through its system design and innovative user experience, the Orbike is created to encourage bike rentals. Moreover, wouldn’t it make a great landmark/meeting-point?!


The Orbike is a winner of the Asia Design Prize for the year 2018.

Via Yankodesign