A different kind of bike donut


Add the Orbike to Musk’s Boring Company program and you’ve literally got a city that’s perfect for any commuter. Sitting half above and half below the surface of the road, the Orbike is a donut-shaped vending machine that allows people to rent bicycles and bike-related equipment. Designed to be efficient, but more to grab attention, the Orbike rotates inside its transparent shell, allowing you to literally cycle through products before choosing what to buy/rent.

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Vending machine of the future

There’s the potential for the next generation of touchscreen LCD vending machines to be an all out assault on our senses. So here’s hoping more companies will take this subtly animated approach instead of horrifying advertisements.

This concept machine, created by Sanden, Okaya Electronics, and Intel, uses a monstrous 65 inch transparent HD display that still lets shoppers see the actual products being sold. And instead of just playing full screen commercials with music blaring, a series of simple silhouetted animations and menus are used to entice shoppers to give up their pocket change…

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Hotel Has Cars For Sale in World’s Biggest Vending Machine


The Mondrian Hotel in South Beach, Miami, has installed a vending machine in the lobby for hotel guests who’ve forgotten something.

Customers can purchase items priced from $10 to $1.2 million, including a Jean Paul Gaultier dress, a 1965 Corvette, a 2000 Bentley Azure convertible or a penthouse condo.

Although the machine is large, it doesn’t actually contain the larger items. For those you have to see the front desk after paying a non-refundable $1500 deposit.
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East Village Gumball Machine Dispenses Ideas


Encapsulated Ideas

Neatorama through the proxy of a reader located this bubblegum machine in the East Village that has been savvily modded to dispense ideas for fifty cents apiece, each absolutely guaranteed to be actionable or your money back. Buy a moose, it might tell you, or Invent a Jump-To-Conclusions mat! Start a fire! Get a circumcision! Kidnap your ex-girlfriend! Shave a chicken! Breed a budgie with a mule! The possibilities are endless.

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Handlink Coin Operated Wi-Fi Kiosk


A Handy Wi-Fi Solution

Now don’t get me wrong, I actually think this wi-fi hotspot solution is a half-decent idea, particularly if you operate a small coffee shop or other venue and can’t afford to give away free wi-fi. But why is it solely reliant on coins? Even payphones these days have a slot for using a debit card or other coin alternative.

That aside, the Handlink Wi-Fi Kiosk just needs an internet connection from a local ISP and after that it seems to be pretty autonomous.

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