Yes, the IQ test is controversial, but it’s one of the few consistent metrics we have. Here’s how the states compare.

People are getting dumber, according to science.

There are a lot of theories why IQ tests are falling. Some say it’s bad food, poor schools, or obscene amounts of screen time. Others suggest it’s a matter of people with lower IQs having more kids, who inherit their lower numbers.

You’ve seen Idiocracy, right?

The thing is, there’s a lot of variation among the U.S. states in terms of IQ averages. So while the nation as a whole averages roughly a 98 IQ, individual states range as much as six points higher or four points below the national average.

In another recent article, we compiled and listed the average life expectancy in each of the 50 states, which proved to be a worthy exercise.

So, here are the estimated average IQ rates for residents of each U.S. state, as compiled by Michael McDaniel, formerly a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, and reported by The Washington Post.

It’s worth noting that the IQ test in and of itself is controversial to begin with. The Post in fact ranked states according to not just IQ test, but also average SAT and ACT score, along with the overall percentage of college graduates.

But as imperfect as the IQ test is, at least it’s a consistent metric. Here are the results.

Massachusetts 104.3

New Hampshire 104.2

North Dakota 103.8

Vermont 103.8

Minnesota 103.7

Maine 103.4

Montana 103.4

Iowa 103.2

Connecticut 103.1

Wisconsin 102.9

Kansas 102.8

New Jersey 102.8

South Dakota 102.8

Wyoming 102.4

Nebraska 102.3

Virginia 101.9

Washington 101.9

Ohio 101.8

Indiana 101.7

Colorado 101.6

Pennsylvania 101.5

Idaho 101.4

Oregon 101.2

Utah 101.1

Missouri 101

New York 100.7

Michigan 100.5

Delaware 100.4

North Carolina 100.2

Texas 100

Illinois 99.9

Maryland 99.7

Rhode Island 99.5

Kentucky 99.4

Oklahoma 99.3

Alaska 99

West Virginia 98.7

Florida 98.4

South Carolina 98.4

Georgia 98

Tennessee 97.7

Arkansas 97.5

Arizona 97.4

Nevada 96.5

Alabama 95.7

New Mexico 95.7

Hawaii 95.6

California 95.5

Louisiana 95.3

Mississippi 94.2