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This Map Shows the Largest Employer in Every State.

Take a look at this map. What’s the first thing that catches your eye?

If your reaction was “Wow, Walmart controls A LOT of the country,” you’d be right. This map shows the largest private employer in every state in the U.S., and Walmart is tops in an incredible 22 states. In total, the company employs 1.5 million Americans.

Here’s a full state-by-state list for you to peruse. Who’s #1 in your state?

Alabama: Walmart, 38,041 employees

Alaska: Providence Health & Services, ~4,000 employees

Arizona: Walmart, 33,910 employees

Arkansas: Walmart, 53,310 employees

California: University of California, 190,000-plus employees

Colorado: Denver International Airport, 35,000 employees

Connecticut: Yale New Haven Health System, 22,193 employees

Delaware: Christiana Care Health System, 11,100 employees

Florida: Walmart, 108,321 employees

Georgia: Walmart, 59,371 employees

Hawaii: University of Hawaii, 10,106 employees

Idaho: St. Luke’s Health System, 14,538 employees

Illinois: Walmart, 54,698 employees

Indiana: Walmart, 39,667 employees

Iowa: University of Iowa, 24,598 employees

Kansas: Walmart, 20,938 employees

Kentucky: Walmart, 30,181 employees

Louisiana: Walmart, 36,992 employees

Maine: Hannaford Supermarkets, ~8,500 employees

Maryland: Johns Hopkins Institutions, 51,725 employees

Massachusetts: Partners Healthcare, 68,000 employees

Michigan: University of Michigan, 48,060 employees

Minnesota: Mayo Clinic, 34,562 employees

Mississippi: Walmart, 24,898 employees

Missouri: Walmart, 43,203 employees

Montana: Walmart, 4,776 employees

Nebraska: University of Nebraska, 16,157 employees

Nevada: MGM Resorts International, 55,200 employees

New Hampshire: Walmart, 8,284 employees

New Jersey: Wakefern Food Corporation, 35,000 employees

New Mexico: University of New Mexico, 33,390 employees

New York: State Univesrity of New York system, 90,033 employees

North Carolina: University of North Carolina system, 74,079 employees

North Dakota: Sanford Health, 10,581 employees

Ohio: Walmart, 50,481 employees

Oklahoma: Walmart, 34,014 employees

Oregon: Providence Health & Services, 21,000-plus employees

Pennsylvania: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, 61,000 employees

Rhode Island: Lifespan system of hospitals, 14,000 employees

South Carolina: Walmart, 32,267 employees

South Dakota: Avera Health, 12,187 employees

Tennessee: Walmart, 41,487 employees

Texas: Walmart, 171,531 employees

Utah: Intermountain Healthcare, 38,000 employees

Vermont: The University of Vermont Medical Center, 7,860 employees

Virginia: Walmart, 44,621 employees

Washington: Boeing, 71,036 employees

West Virginia: Walmart, 12,321 employees

Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin, 39,000 employees

Wyoming: Walmart, 4,699 employees


Via Didyouknowfacts