Remember those commercials for kitchen appliances that can do it all? “It slices, it dices, makes julienne fries!” Well, here’s an appliance that actually does do just about everything you could ask for when you’re in the kitchen. The Thermomix TM6, the latest smart appliance from Vorwerk, is here to save you counter space and help you get dinner on the table faster.

If there’s a task you need to do for meal preparation, odds are you can count on the Termomix TM6 to take care of it. It’s built with a stainless-steel bowl, a state-of-the-art blade, a precision heating element, and an embedded scale. Taken together, those features give the appliance the ability to perform 20 different functions and techniques without requiring you to jump from one appliance to another, cluttering the counter as you go. Whisking, caramelizing, browning, chopping, steaming, sautéing, blending, boiling, kneading, emulsifying—you name it and the Thermomix can probably do it.

The TM6 is the latest iteration of the Thermomix’s multi-purpose kitchen appliance and as you might expect, it comes with some new and improved capabilities. With just the push of a button, the TM6 can perform slow cooking for things like pulled pork, or high-temperature cooking for caramelizing sugar. It can sous vide for tender meats and veggies, ferment for homemade yogurt, boil water for tea, and blend for perfect smoothies. Clean up is also made easy, thanks to a pre-cleaning mode that takes out some of the challenge presented by sticky dishes.

The Thermomix TM6 is powered by a quad-core processor, which enables the power of Cookidoo — a robust recipe platform packed with more than 40,000 cooking recipes with step-by-step instructions so you can follow along for your meal preparation process. With intelligent search filters and curated content based on your preferences and dietary restrictions, it’s a breeze to find the perfect recipe any evening based on your available ingredients. It’s all accessible on a 6.8-inch full-color touchscreen display.

The Thermomix TM6 will first be available in the United States and Europe starting sometime during the summer of 2019. It will retail for $1,499 directly from Thermomix.

Via Digitaltrends