S-Squared 3D Printers Autonomous Robotic Construction System-ARCS

S-Squared 3D Printer’s Autonomous Robotic Construction System, (ARCS)

ARCS is a patent pending technology that allows multiple machines to work together to create a home with little or no human assistance. Delays in building projects are a thing of the past now that building a 3D printed home is possible in hours — not days or months. The 3D building process ushers in a new level of affordability for homeowners and businesses like never before. In addition, this new technology can reduce construction costs by as much as 70%.

 SQ3D-Printers ARCS

ARCS uses a proprietary low-power consumption technology. This essentially makes the operation more eco-friendly, safe, and reduces the use of resources such as electricity. The current used on the machine is about the same as a standard hair dryer. Furthermore, less than ten gallons of fuel is needed for the entire task. It is well documented that OSHA instructors have praised this machine for it’s potential to reduce work-related industry accidents.

Overall, ARCS technology for 3D printing homes is up to thirty times faster than traditional construction. The company’s executive committee looks forward to expanding the projects from 500 ft² to more than one million square foot builds. While 3D printing a home with ARCS’s is done virtually autonomously, there is the exciting phase where customization of the home can be left to the buyer’s imagination. Some might prefer typical cookie-cutter homes and others may have aesthetic ambitions. We are in a new age of construction safety and cost-efficiency with this revolutionary 3D printing machine.

Via Prnewswire.com