By Jeff Yeung

Footage has surfaced showing a TeslaModel 3 making a round trip between San Francisco and Los Angeles using its Autopilot Full Self-Driving mode.

The video came from YouTube user Whole Mars Catalog, whose entire channel appears to be dedicated to testing Tesla’s Autopilot FSD functionality. According to the channel, the drive was made possible via the latest Beta version of Tesla’s software, and the entire round trip was completed with close to no human intervention at all, except for one scenario where debris had shot up from the road after the car in front passed over it and so the driver had to take control immediately for just one second.

Tesla autopilot

On top of that incident, the Model 3 — due to its limited range — also had to stop twice for charging, but Whole Mars Catalog explained that the process actually further demonstrated the Tesla’s ability to navigate more rural areas. He also noted one other incident when the car “exhibited some strange behavior” and changed into an adjacent lane, but he let the program play out and there were ultimately no issues caused.

You can check out the entire video above.

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