The robot called Roxo is designed to make last minute deliveries, minus the delivery person.

By Teri Webster

An autonomous delivery vehicle recently rolled down the streets of Richardson during a trial run for FedEx.

The prototype called “Roxo” recently made mock deliveries to homes in a neighborhood near Berkner High School, according to an announcement by the city. 

FedEx worked with the Richardson police and fire departments, city engineers and the Marlborough Square Home Owners Association to ensure the testing ran smoothly.

Roxo weighs about 450 pounds and stands 5.5 feet-tall. The heeled vehicle — which can hold up to 100 pounds — is designed to travel along the side of roads or sidewalks.

Sensors on Roxo allow it to detect objects and movement from up to 150 feet away.

Roxo has been tested in other cities around the country, including Plano in 2019.

“When you think of the explosion here over the last few years of e-commerce – everybody’s buying everything online now,” David Kassen, vice president of Same Day Transportation at FedEx Office said in a video presentation. “So we need to help support that growth.”

What’s next for Roxo? More tests are expected this year in Richardson and then the vehicle will also undergo further testing and refinement at FedEx’s labs.