by Cristina Mircea

It was “born” in 2019 when its creator, Agility Robotics, first introduced it as a highly-capable robot with legs and arms, suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Now Digit is available for purchase and ready to take over your tedious duties. 7 photos

Digit is a strange-looking humanoid. It is headless, but it has fully functional arms, legs, and a somewhat athletic body. As well it should since Agility Robotics aims to create a fleet of robots that can free humans of their tedious and exhausting tasks, so they can focus on the creativity and decision-making side of things.

The company claims it built Digit as a machine that can work in environments designed for humans. It is why it can climb stairs, navigate autonomously, and perform a variety of tasks with its strong arms.

Digit has 2-DOF (degrees of freedom) feet that allow it to be stable and maintain its balance on various types of surfaces. It comes with 4-DOF arms and an upper torso with integrated sensing and computing. 
And because the robot is designed for both indoor as well as outdoor applications, its joints are sealed for all-weather operation.

Customers who want to develop their own controller can do so using the low-level API (application programming interface).

While Agility Robotics doesn’t offer any details on the pricing of Digit, it does specify that the robot is ready to ship. Potential clients have to contact them to get a quote and more details.

In a presentation video shared on social media, Agility Robotics claims Digit is “made for work” and shows us what the robot is capable of, demonstrating the machine’s flexibility. Just like humans, the robot can adjust its posture and center of gravity so that it can carry objects of different sizes or weights. It can reach low, high, and far, depending on the tasks it has to perform.

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