By Jessica Stewart 

Dubai is known for its over-the-top attractions and now, with the opening of Deep Dive Dubai, it can add a world record to its list of achievements. As the world’s deepest swimming pool for diving, Deep Dive Dubai features a “sunken city” among 3.6 million gallons (14 million liters) of water.

The amount of water in the pool is the equivalent of six Olympic swimming pools and, with a depth of 196 feet (60 meters), it is four times larger than its nearest competitor. It contains an apocalyptic sunken city for divers to explore, which evolves as divers sink further into its depths. The concept is that nature has slowly taken over this forgotten city, with storefronts, homes, cars, and arcade games slowly deteriorating.

Along the way, there are two diving habitats that allow divers to rest and chat. This unique feature of Deep Dive Dubai is a dry air space where divers can even remove their equipment and get completely out of the water. Developed as a world-class destination for divers, there are options for everyone. Beginners and expert divers can both enjoy the experience, and there is also a comprehensive development program for those looking to up their skills.

The facility’s director, Jarrod Jablonski, is a world-record-holding cave diver and is proud of Deep Dive Dubai’s commitment to safety and best practices.

“By design, Deep Dive Dubai offers something truly unique for everyone and our team is committed to ensuring a memorable experience, with outstanding service, for everyone, every time,” says Jablonski. “For those seeking a unique experience, Deep Dive Dubai provides an exceptional, safe, and controlled environment to learn all about diving. For experienced members of the freedive and scuba dive communities, it’s a facility and experience like no other.”

Deep Dive Dubai also doubles as an underwater film studio, complete with a media editing room, a video wall, 56 underwater cameras, and the ability to create different moods with 164 lights positioned throughout the pool.

If that weren’t enough, the exterior of Deep Dive Dubai is just as impressive as the interior. Designed to mimic a giant oyster, the building is a nod to the UAE’s pearl-diving heritage.

Deep Dive Dubai is open for reservations, with the public allowed to book snorkeling, free diving, and scuba diving experiences.

Deep Dive Dubai is the world’s deepest swimming pool for diving.

A “sunken city” sprawls down 196 feet, with plenty of surprises awaiting divers.

Visitors of all levels can choose between snorkeling, free diving, and scuba diving.

The exterior mimics an oyster shell in a nod to the UAE’s pearl-diving heritage.

Watch these divers explore Deep Dive Dubai.