By Johnna Crider

In its first-ever list of the “Next Big Things in Tech,” Fast Company listed several companies in the technology industry that are making an impact on various topics from sustainability, health, and AI to money and smart machines. Li-Cycle, which has North America’s largest battery recycling facility, is one of the companies mentioned on that long list.

Li-Cycle was noted for its goal of keeping batteries out of landfills. The company is on a mission to make lithium-ion batteries into circular and sustainable products. Next year, it plans to open its Commercial Spoke 3 facility in Arizona, which will have the capacity of recycling 10,000 tonnes of lithium-ion batteries per year.

In 2023, it plans to open its North American Hub in New York, which will have the capacity to recover battery-grade materials from the equivalent of 60,000 tonnes of lithium-ion batteries annually. Li-Cycle’s President, CEO, and co-founder, Ajay Kochhar, stated:

“We are thrilled to have Li-Cycle and our lithium-ion recycling technologies receive recognition from Fast Company. We look forward to continuing to disrupt the lithium-ion battery recycling industry as we continue to scale our commercial, proven, and safe lithium-ion recycling technologies.”

Stephanie Mehta, editor-in-chief of Fast Company, also shared how thrilled the magazine was to highlight new technologies solving real-world problems.

“Fast Company is thrilled to highlight cutting-edge technologies that are solving real-world problems in unexpected ways. From climate change and public health crises to machine learning and security, these technologies will certainly have a profound impact on the future, and we’re honored to bring attention to them today.”