These cryptocurrency career opportunities will gain more prominence in 2022.

by Sayantani Sanyal

The use of cryptocurrencies continues to gain momentum worldwide. Investors, especially the younger generation, envision cryptocurrency as digital gold and an exquisite form of an asset class that can yield more profits than traditional stocks or other investment opportunities. As demand for cryptocurrency grows, so does the number of job roles in crypto and blockchain companies. These crypto job roles require the candidates to possess a strong understanding of blockchain technology and are equipped with optimal knowledge to get a job. The scarcity of skilled individuals in the blockchain domain leads to fluctuations in the demand and supply chain, resulting in making the jobs extremely high-paying. In this article, we have listed the top cryptocurrency career opportunities that will gain more prominence in 2022.

Blockchain Engineer: Blockchain engineers are the highest-paying professionals in this domain. They are usually responsible for creating and implementing several digital solutions for companies depending on their personalized needs. Knowledge of various blockchain technologies and programming skills like Java, C#, APL, Python, and others will also be required.

Crypto Research Analyst: The role of a research analyst comprises researching developments in the cryptocurrency field to educate people about crypto investments and blockchain functionality so that they can make intelligent decisions. A research analyst needs to possess strong analytical skills, strategic thinking, and communication skills to help achieve business goals.

Cryptocurrency Analyst: These analysts are responsible for examining and predicting the pricing, demand, trends, and trading volumes of specific cryptocurrencies and monitoring the entire digital currencies market. Candidates interested in this job profile should have a good understanding of economics, supply and demand, cryptocurrencies, and their individual market valuations.

Blockchain Project Manager: Nowadays, several crypto and blockchain companies are looking for blockchain project managers to understand and comply with the technical needs of the enterprise. They are responsible for building various blockchain projects and making them understandable to the general public.

Marketing Manager: Marketing managers are greatly responsible for continuing the success of the digital currency market. They estimate the demand for specific cryptocurrencies and compare their values. They also identify potential users, monitor trends, and develop strategies to help investors maximize their profits and market share.

Blockchain Web Developer: As a blockchain web developer, the candidates will have to write and maintain computer codes that will allow the users to make transactions without any third-party intervention. A web developer in the blockchain industry must be aware of programming languages like JavaScript, Python, React, and Solidity, and also learn new programming languages to prepare for upcoming industry demands.

Crypto/Blockchain Security Architect: The security architects for cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks have to develop systems to secure the company and the service users from fraudulent practitioners. They have to understand the cryptocurrency security issues, including threats, mitigation, risk management, and adopt the best security practices for enhanced protection.

Financial Analyst: In 2022, more enterprises and individuals will look forward to investing in cryptocurrencies. The job of a financial analyst is to assist such interested investors in investments, evaluate risks, develop investment strategies, and maintain investor portfolios.

Blockchain Attorney and Legal Consultant: Blockchain service providers need to be aware of several legal issues and consequences. Therefore, many companies seek legal consultants for this job. Blockchain, like any other tech, has to go through several legal implications. So, a blockchain attorney should be present to assist the company leaders in these issues and address any other legal issues that might come up beforehand.

Software Engineer: These software engineers are responsible for building, enhancing, and maintaining the applications that process crypto transactions. They are responsible for leading team members and other crypto initiatives, including blockchain engineering projects.