Hydrotec fuel cells can be used for electric vehicles and the equipment to charge them

By Gary Gastelu

General Motors believes in an ‘all-electric’ future: CEO Mary Barra

GM CEO Mary Barra reveals the automakers plan to phase out internal combustion vehicles on ‘The Claman Countdown.’

General Motors is getting into the gas station business, so to speak.

The Hydrotec charging station can be installed in places that don’t have the electrical infrastructure required. (GM)

The automaker has started developing variety of fixed and mobile charging stations powered by its Hydrotec hydrogen fuel cell technology, which generates electricity without any emissions aside from water vapor.

A mobile Hydrotec generator

A mobile Hydrotec generator is intended for emergency applications. (GM)

Hydrotec is already planned for use in heavy electric vehicles, including trucks and trains, as an alternative to heavy batteries that require long charging sessions, while the charging systems address the issue of getting electrical power to remote locations where EVs and electric equipment are in use.

The palletized Hydrotec Mobile Power Generator is intended for military applications. (GM)

GM is working with Renewable Innovations on mobile DC fast charging stations that could be used in emergency applications, palletized versions to power military encampments and large units that can be installed at retail service centers in areas with seasonal clientele that don’t justify installing the electrical infrastructure that would otherwise be required.

Hydrogen could be trucked into the locations, similar to how gasoline is delivered, with enough supples to charge up to 100 electric vehicles per fill at the retail units.

The first pilot systems will be in place this year, and Renewable Innovations plans to install approximately 500 of the retail locations nationwide by 2026.

Via FoxBusiness.com