Foodverse: For the first time, chefs, food brands, and restaurants have their own foodverse. The potential for product placement is endless.

By Nicole Buckler 

  • A food metaverse is being launched that brings together the food and beverage industry and foodies
  • The commercial potential for in-metaverse advertising is bright
  • Users can swap NFTs from in the foodverse for real-life food rewards

Gaurav Gupta and Supreet Raju are a husband and wife team. They have created OneRare, the world’s first food metaverse. The Foodverse pulls together the food and beverage industry, and puts it on Web3.

The foodverse is the first-ever foodie platform on the blockchain. It is an opportunity for food businesses to explore new technology and leverage it for marketing, growth and social impact. In other words, the commercial potential for this metaverse is noteworthy.

Users of the foodverse can have virtual experiences, trade food NFTs, play games, and interact with foodies from around the world.


Foodverse Vision

The vision is to catch the next wave of blockchain adoption using a food theme and easy gameplay that appeals to everyone. Then, create global reach for the food and beverage industry. Users can access celebrity chefs, restaurants and food brands using NFTs. Then the company wants to bring those NFTs to life, by allowing users to swap the NFTs for restaurants and food products in the real world.

The food metaverse was created during lockdown. Supreet Raju is one co-founder. “Food has a language of its own and makes the world a happier place. It is what connects us. The metaverse brings us closer together in a unique way. In it, we can share our culture and our food. Now with the launch of the foodverse, there is no reason why brands and consumers can’t come together.”

The Foodverse developed by OneRare will have various zones. Users can discover celebrity chefs, virtual restaurants, and new food brands. It’s a marketing dream for food marketers. 

There’s other various geographical areas too, like the beach, forest and lakeside. You can just wonder around at will, checking everything out. There is a gaming zone – players can explore, earn, collect and battle.


Native Token

ORARE is the native token. With it, users can transact at the farmer’s market, play games at the playground, unlock in-game upgrades, and participate in governance.



Users can collect Dish NFTs from across the world. They do this by amassing ingredients and following recipes. Then, they can mint exclusive NFT artworks.

Food offerings include interesting global dishes, but also keto and vegan-friendly recipes. 

Raju said, “As we grow, users will also be able to swap these NFTs for real meals and deals – amalgamating our real and virtual lives.”

Gupta and Raju already have partnerships in place with chefs and brands such as Trufflin NYC. Trufflin are known for French truffles and caviars.

Liv Woudstra-Robinson is the founder of Trufflin NYC. “Being a part of OneRare echoes our mission of making rare delicacies more accessible, as any gamer in the world will be able to use Trufflin products in their virtual recipes.”

So now, we have a virtual world about food where you can’t taste anything inside it. The future is wild!