By Paul Hill

Google has announced that it has bought Raxium, a company that has been developing single panel MicroLED display technologies for the last 5 years. According to the search giant, the technologies that Raxium has developed will be used in next-gen technology and offers “miniaturized, cost-effective and energy efficient high-resolution displays”.

Raxium is based in Fremont, California and will now be joining Google’s Devices & Services team where it will carry on its work and integrate products into future Google hardware. The announcement put out by Google was very brief and didn’t share any more details regarding what the Raxium team would now be working on.

Glasses with an in-built display

According to some key facts from the Raxium website, its technologies are 300x smaller, 1000x brighter, and use 50% less power than the competition. It also says that its MicroLED technology will enable an entirely new class of smaller and more powerful display products such as augmented and virtual reality micro-displays and life-size panel-based light field arrays. With light field arrays, users could experience 3D without the need for eyewear.

Given Google’s brief comments on the matter, it’s not clear how long we’ll be waiting for products to come out that leverage Raxium hardware. One of the technologies Raxium shows on its website is a pair of glasses with a display in the lens so perhaps we could see some updated Google Glass products emerge.