The new electric Transit Custom will go 263 miles between charges

By Rory White

FORD has revealed its fully electric E-Transit Custom as part of plans to have five electric vans by 2024.

The vans are part of a wider promise to do away with engines on all its European models by 2035. 

Ford has already shown off its larger electric E-Transit van, and we’ve already driven it.

The Custom features many of the same impressive features, but betters the larger, heavier E-Transit’s range by 40 miles. Here, a 236-mile drive is possible.

Ford has launched what it’s calling Ford Pro at the same time.

It’s the name of a new dedicated service for Transit customers covering sales, conversions, financing, servicing, smart charging and software.

You can also have a Ford Pro wallbox at home or work which will do the normal thing of charging — but it will also work out how much juice is going into the work van, so you get reimbursed accordingly.

Like the larger E-Transit the Custom will come with fast DC charging with a charge to 80% taking around half an hour.

It also gets the same 2.3kW sockets in the cab and cargo area to power work tools and lighting.

Ford reckons an hour with a table saw, for instance, will only eat about three miles of range.

And if you do get carried away, the E-Transit Custom can flash its lights and honk its horn if you’re about to use more juice than is need to get you home to the charger.

Hans Schep, general manager, Ford Pro Europe said: “This is a watershed moment for commercial vehicle operators in Europe, and another hugely significant realisation of our Ford Pro ambitions. 

“Europe’s best-selling van just went all-electric and – supported by our unique Ford Pro one-stop-shop of productivity-boosting services – the operating benefits this will bring to business across Europe cannot be overstated.”

Ford will reveal how much the E-Transit Custom costs in September but we can have a decent guess right now.

The E-Transit starts at around £45,000, which is a fair whack more than a diesel Transit, but competitively prices as electric vans go.

It’s safe to assume this smaller Custom van will start at around £40,000 and likewise look cheaper than most alternatives.

Production of the E-Transit Custom starts in the second half of 2023.