Boom Supersonic is set to build a manufacturing facility at PTI airport later this year for it’s supersonic Overture jet.

By Grace Holland

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The supersonic jet maker on it’s way to the Triad is sending shockwaves with a new design released Tuesday.

Boom Supersonic released new images of the jet it plans to build at PTI in the coming years.

The company is set to break ground on its facility later this year.

Boom Supersonic said its Overture jet concepts were released after it did testing and simulations. The plan is for this to be a supersonic jet, similar to the Concorde but more environmentally friendly.

Boom said the jet will be able to carry up to 80 passengers at twice the speed of today’s jets. It wants to build the plans by 2025 and carry passengers by 2029.

Before it builds the planes, it has to build the factory.

PTI’s Executive Director, Kevin Baker, said there’s been a lot of progress made at the site in the seven months since Boom announced it would come to the airport.

“We’re grading (the site). In fact, we’ve got a lot of the site at grade at this point,” Baker said. “We worked with the company as they lay out their facilities and modify that design. It’s a very fast-paced project and luckily we had a lot of this underway.”

There’s still roadwork and other improvements needed near the site. Boom is projected to bring 1,700 jobs to the airport but Baker said more could follow, as other companies take notice.

“there is a lot of activity right now like I’ve never seen,” Baker said. “Normally, we’ve got one big project they were working on, now there are more than 10. There’s a lot of interest in the airport.”

Boom also announced it’ll partner with Northrop Grumman to make military versions of the Overture for the federal government.

The company previously announced it is partnering with United Airlines, which wants to use the jets.