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Money has a long history, beginning with barter and leading all the way to your credit card.

Kirk Hutchison founded Volt Protocol because he believes the next era of money is deflationary and disintermediated.

He studied history at UC San Diego and arrived at a libertarian bent after seeing the similarities between market processes and equilibria in nature.

Inspired by the rich theoretical work on free money systems by economists such as George Selgin, Friedrich Hayek, and Milton Friedman, Kirk is working to put this theory into practice using smart contracts.

His main project at the moment is called “The Volt Protocol”. It’s a stablecoin which purports to offer the first true purchasing power stability over time.

This is important because it means that instead of losing your hard earned savings to inflation, you now have a chance to save and be sure that your saving will maintain their value regardless of the prevailing market conditions.