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In the future, every country in the world will be competing to produce the most…


…computer chips?

…robotic soldiers? 

No, we believe that soon every sovereign power will be trying to make the most superhumans.

What will make this possible? Advances in genetic engineering, which is exactly what we were chatting with Dr. Steven Hsu about on our most recent episode of the Futurati Podcast. 

Steven is an insanely sharp guy. He’s a professor of physics and mathematics at Michigan State University, and he’s founded several startups. 

When he’s not doing those things, he’s thinking about computational genomics, and he’s just about as good a guide as we could ask for in thinking about the future of genetic engineering. 

He tells us that today it’s possible to test embryos for genetic diseases, but tomorrow it’ll be possible to control things like height, personality, and raw intelligence.

And when that happens, nothing will be the same.

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