Autonomous Dual Arm Humanoid Robot Aeolous is waiting for its new owners.

Aeolus debuted its new first-generation household robot assistant at this year’s CES, Called Aeo, it is, the first humanoid robot in the world that can recognize its owner’s face. 

The goal of Aeolus Robotics is to use robots to improve everyone’s quality of life. Aeolus brings together expertise from Europe, America, and Asia to produce the most capable service robot available today. 

It has a solid financial foundation and a global presence was established in 2016 and has had robots operating in Japan since 2019. The company is presently moving to new international markets. For this reason, they are well suited to develop the very best in cutting-edge robotics, like the Aeo. 

Named in honor of the deity who guards the winds, it has also been designed to patrol and clean hospitals. Aeo has the capacity to carry out ultraviolet disinfection, making it well-suited to manage the difficulties facing the healthcare sector. 

But, it is more than just a cleaning robot. 

It also has the ability to navigate on its own, using a base full of cameras and IR sensors to move about a room and its nimble right arm to unlock doors and operate elevators. Because of this, it serves as a very valuable and adaptable aid in any home.

Aeo has certain exceptional abilities that set it apart from other home robots in addition to its useful features. For example; it can locate your misplaced items, recognize family members by their faces, and provide specialized assistance. 

You can use Aeo as a remote assistant too as it can even be controlled remotely.

Aeo uses several cameras and IR sensors on its base for its autonomous navigation. While moving across space and opening doors, and riding elevators with its nimble right arm, it can also utilize its left UV light to clean surfaces. 

It can also be used for security, food delivery, and patrolling. Although the company claims that few situations require that level of control, the robot may also be controlled remotely when necessary.

As a robot as a service (RaaS), Aeo offers plug-and-play attachments and interaction with outside developers like Malibu AI in Taiwan and Asratec in Japan. 

With seven degrees of freedom (DOF) in each of the dual arms, an Aeo may do duties with one arm, such as delivery or disinfection, while using the other arm for mobility tasks, like opening doors and operating elevators. 

The third-generation Aeolus arms used on Aeo have a single-arm lift capacity of eight pounds. With regard to eldercare safety, Aeo’s vision algorithms offer a wide range of features, such as the ability to spot missing backpacks or open windows for security services.

Aeo is currently a big hit in Taipei, Hong Kong, and Japan, and provides services to some of the biggest eldercare organizations in the latter, including Medical Care Service, Inc., Cocofump, and HIMEDIC, Inc., as well as some of the biggest Tokyu Group and Globeship Corporation real estate and property management firms. So, it is already cutting its teeth with some very high-profile clients. 

Currently, Aeo provides a wide range of services, including night shift patrol for resident safety, medical supply delivery throughout hospitals, facility disinfection, patrolling throughout offices and schools for trespassers and lost objects, and more.