Zero-Boundary installation. VISION AI brings sight to Landroid, detecting every area of your lawn!

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Worx, a global leader in autonomous mowing, today announced the introduction of its latest robotic lawn mower, the LANDROID Vision, equipped with the top-level neural network – artificial intelligence that is trained to distinguish between grass and non-grass. Through its on-board HDR camera and VISION AI, Worx’s new LANDROID Vision Robotic Lawn Mower sees yards, eliminating the need for cumbersome boundary wires or antennae. As a truly “drop and mow” solution, LANDROID Vision is ready to use right out of the box – no installation, no hassles.

With the same AI technology used in modern autonomous cars, the new LANDROID Vision analyzes frame-by-frame images from its on-board cameras to recognize and distinguish grass from anything else – roads, sidewalks, flowerbeds and even pets and humans! Not only does the new Vision avoid obstacles with zero mapping or wires, it can cross over sidewalks, driveways or other areas to access multiple lawn zones. The LANDROID Vision also adjusts automatically to variations in lawn elements, such as grass density, while affording cutting height adjustment from 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches.

“We call the LANDROID Vision the world’s first ‘drop and mow’ robotic lawn mower because that’s all a homeowner has to do,” stated Todd Zimmerman, Vice President of Product Development at Worx’s parent company, Positec. “With the power of sight and AI, LANDROID Vision truly is changing the robotic lawn mower market, eliminating any headaches associated with installation and use. Homeowners are going to love the immediate – and long-lasting – gratification of this new, smart technology. It’s cost effective, safe and really does a beautiful job on the lawn all by itself!”

The LANDROID Vision is available in three models: ¼, ½, and 1 acre models. Landroid Vision is powered by WORX 20v PowerShare lithium-ion battery platform. Vision includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, so homeowners have full remote monitoring of the unit. And the Vision’s weatherproof housing — with its on-board rain sensor — protects against all weather conditions, even knowing when to return the Vision to its home base.