It helps vertical structures to collect and transform energy from the Sun.

Turning buildings into solar-powered generators is the challenge, but researchers and companies are now on the verge of creating new panels that could change the way it stands out in the area. A German company called Heliatek has developed new ultrathin and organic solar panels that could be applied to high-rise structures to become more self-sufficient and eco-friendly. 

Harnessing the power of the Sun is one of the present challenges in the world, especially as solar panels are getting more commercialized in society. 

Buildings as Solar Generators? It is Possible

A green company has debuted its latest development in the solar industry, centering on ultrathin organic solar panels, one that can transform buildings into solar generators. According to a release by, the company aims to introduce this new application for solar panels, changing the way people use and place it on structures.

Previously, solar panels mainly center on flat surfaces to receive the Sun’s power and transform it into usable energy.

However, through this new development, it can effectively be applied to any surface, and would not require it to be facing the sky. 

Thin solar panels or film-like materials are not a new thing anymore, and different companies already try to create one for multiple applications in different places or facades.

Heliatek’s Ultrathin Organic Solar Panels

The development mentioned above is from Heliatek, a Dresden, Germany-based company that centers on all things sustainable and eco-friendly. The company envisions a future that is green and clean, one that will help the world continue living on this world without harming it or causing its destruction. 

Solar Power Technology

Solar power technology is now a growing industry in our world, as people want to be more sustainable in their power usage, applying it mostly to homes and establishments. One of the most iconic creations now is the development of ultrathin panels, one which the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) introduced their take from last month. 

Instead of having only a few panels on top of roofs, researchers want to apply this to the entire building, one that effectively catches the Sun’s rays, and transforms them into usable power. 

It is also ideal to transform one’s structure into a sustainable building, as electricity costs are rising at the moment. This is one feat that Turkish companies have adopted, venturing to solar options to limit their reliance on the grid. 

Another publicized development for solar power is Heliatek’s latest creation, and its goal is to deliver thin solar panels that can be used for a structure of any size or shape. Since most buildings are tall, it effectively receives an ample amount of the Sun’s power, and most of this goes to waste.

With the new ultrathin panels, any building can harness the Sun’s power, and all of what it gives are transformed into usable energy and promote sustainability on high-rise structures.