Unmanned aerial vehicles will soon be able to collect and distribute orders at multiple locations.

Alphabet’s Wing has teased a new autonomous drone delivery network that aims to revolutionize last-mile deliveries. Wing is a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, that focuses on drone delivery technology.

“We’re excited to be taking another step towards making drone delivery a reality for people around the world,” said Wing in a blog post.

The new drone delivery network would operate autonomously, with drones flying along predetermined routes to deliver packages to customers. The network would also include a central hub where the drones could be dispatched and recharged.

“We’re working with regulators and stakeholders to develop the infrastructure and rules for operating a drone delivery network in the United States,” said Wing.

Wing has already been testing its drone delivery services in several locations around the world, including Finland, Australia, and the United States. The company believes that the drone delivery network could help improve delivery times and reduce the cost of last-mile deliveries.

However, there are still several regulatory and technical hurdles that need to be overcome before the drone delivery network can become a reality. Wing will need to work with local authorities to obtain the necessary permits and approvals for the network to operate, and the company will also need to develop advanced drone technologies to ensure safe and efficient operations.

“We know that there are many challenges ahead, but we believe that our technology has the potential to transform the way goods are transported and delivered,” said Wing.

The article suggests that Alphabet’s Wing is making significant progress towards the development of an autonomous drone delivery network, but it may still be several years before such a network becomes a widespread reality.

Via The Impactlab