3D-printed cheesecake using edible food inks, including peanut butter, Nutella, and strawberry jam. 

Scientists have developed a new method of 3D printing that allows them to print intricate designs into food, including a highly detailed cheesecake. The researchers from the Singapore University of Technology and Design created the technique by using a printer that simultaneously prints and cooks the food. The printer uses a heated nozzle to melt a mixture of cheese and cream, which is then layered to create the final product.

The researchers say the new method could have a range of applications, including creating personalized meals for people with dietary restrictions or swallowing difficulties. They also suggest that the technology could be used in high-end restaurants to create unique and artistic desserts.

Lead researcher Dr. Michinao Hashimoto said, “By using a 3D printer, consumers could order bespoke food designs, specifying not only the shape and size of their food but also its nutritional content.”

The team plans to further develop the technology by experimenting with different food materials and improving the printer’s ability to create more complex designs.

Via The Impactlab