Semi-autonomous BlueCruise feature improved with artificial intelligence

The Ford Motor Company has partnered with autonomous driving technology company Argo AI to use artificial intelligence (AI) to teach its new electric Mustang Mach-E how to drive. The collaboration between the two companies aims to develop the necessary technology to make the Mach-E a fully autonomous vehicle.

Argo AI, which is partially owned by Ford, has been working on autonomous vehicle technology since 2016. Their expertise in developing self-driving systems and Ford’s long-standing legacy in the automotive industry is expected to bring a new level of innovation to the market.

The goal is to teach the Mach-E how to drive in a variety of situations, including city and highway driving. The AI technology will also be used to develop the vehicle’s ability to recognize objects and pedestrians on the road, as well as its ability to navigate through traffic.

According to Jitendra Waral, a senior analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, the partnership between Ford and Argo AI puts the automaker in a strong position to compete in the self-driving car market. “Ford is one of the very few companies that have the capability to design and build the whole car, including the autonomous driving system,” Waral said. “That’s an advantage over some of the tech companies that are trying to do the same thing.”

The Mustang Mach-E, which was released in late 2020, is Ford’s first fully electric vehicle. The automaker plans to release additional electric vehicles in the coming years, with a goal of having 40% of its global vehicle sales come from electric vehicles by 2030.

The partnership between Ford and Argo AI is just one example of how AI and autonomous vehicle technology is rapidly transforming the automotive industry. As companies continue to develop and refine these technologies, it’s likely that we’ll see more self-driving cars on the road in the near future.

By The Impactlab