The Mongolian government announced on Friday that it has granted two licenses to SpaceX, Elon Musk’s pioneering aerospace company, allowing them to operate as an internet service provider using their innovative low-orbit satellites. With this move, millions of internet users in Mongolia will soon gain access to high-speed connectivity through Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite communications service.

Starlink has rapidly expanded its network, comprising more than 3,500 satellites in low-Earth orbit, enabling seamless connectivity even in remote and hard-to-reach areas. Although Mongolia already benefits from a wide-reaching network of fiber optic cables providing high-speed internet access, the addition of Starlink’s technology is expected to extend connectivity further into distant regions.

Uchral Nyam-Osor, the Minister for Digital Development and Communications, emphasized that this collaboration with SpaceX will greatly benefit herders, farmers, businesses, and miners living and working across the vast Mongolian landscape. The availability of high-speed internet access in these remote areas will empower these communities with access to global information, significantly improving their lives and opening up new possibilities for growth and development.

The formal partnership between the Mongolian government and SpaceX was initiated during the 2023 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where discussions surrounding the implementation of SpaceX’s internet services began. Subsequently, Prime Minister L. Oyun-Erdene engaged in a virtual meeting with Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, exploring potential investment and cooperation in the electric vehicle sector.

Mongolia’s wealth of resources, including extensive deposits of rare earth minerals and copper, are vital components in the electric vehicle supply chain. As the world continues its shift toward sustainable transportation, the nation’s rich reserves position it as a significant player in the global electric vehicle industry.

By embracing Starlink’s cutting-edge satellite technology, Mongolia takes a significant step forward in bridging the digital divide and harnessing the power of connectivity to fuel progress and prosperity across its diverse landscape.

By Impact Lab