Virtuix, a pioneer in the VR treadmill space, is back with a new offering for consumers—the Virtuix Omni One. After a decade-long journey, the company aims to bring an all-in-one VR treadmill system to the masses. The Omni One promises to provide an immersive experience by allowing users to run in any direction while exploring virtual worlds.

The original Virtuix Omni treadmill concept took shape in 2013, well before the widespread availability of consumer VR headsets. The idea was simple—to create a treadmill that would sync with VR headsets, enabling users to move freely in the virtual environment. However, turning this vision into reality proved challenging due to the treadmill’s size, weight, and cost, making it more suitable for out-of-home VR attractions than consumer use.

Virtuix found success with its Omni Arena, a VR attraction featuring multiple treadmills, headsets, and customized content for multiplayer gameplay. The company’s focus on delivering a seamless and user-friendly experience earned praise from users and operators alike.

Now, with valuable lessons learned from the out-of-home VR attraction space, Virtuix returns to the consumer market with the Omni One. This all-in-one system includes a redesigned VR treadmill, a standalone VR headset (Pico Neo 3), and access to a library of VR content optimized for the treadmill.

The new Omni One addresses previous design limitations, allowing users to enjoy a full range of motion with an arm support design that provides stability while running. By eliminating the tether to a PC, the system further streamlines the user experience.

Virtuix’s in-house development of a custom Omni storefront ensures that content is tailored for the treadmill, enhancing the overall immersion. Additionally, the Omni One’s introductory experience guides users through the basics of VR, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced users.

Despite the challenges of price and technical complexity, the Omni One’s value as an exercise tool is evident. Virtuix aims to provide a workout-focused treadmill that offers a truly immersive experience, catering to fitness enthusiasts and VR enthusiasts alike.

By Impact Lab