In 2017, Adrian Aoun, the CEO and co-founder of Forward Health, embarked on a mission to revolutionize healthcare by introducing tech-forward doctors’ offices. These offices utilized innovative solutions like body scanners, smart sensors, and algorithms for diagnoses. Fast forward to 2023, and Aoun is still committed to his vision, consolidating the knowledge and technology from these offices into a self-contained, standalone medical station known as the CarePod.

The CarePod is a groundbreaking concept aimed at streamlining healthcare processes. Instead of spending hours in a traditional doctor’s office for routine tests, individuals can now visit CarePods, strategically located in malls and office buildings. Users answer a series of questions to determine the appropriate tests, which can include blood draws, throat swabs, and blood pressure readings—all without the need for a doctor or nurse. Custom AI facilitates the diagnosis, and prescriptions are promptly available.

The subscription cost for this comprehensive service is $99 per month, providing users access to a wide array of tests and features. Aoun emphasizes that this approach allows healthcare to scale like never before.

Founded in 2016, Forward Health has raised an impressive $657.50 million to date, including a recent $100 million funding round. The company boasts a notable board of directors and advisors from Silicon Valley’s elite circles.

Forward Health initially established tech-centric doctors’ offices in major U.S. cities, incorporating a biometric assessment for first-time patients. The company expanded its services during the COVID-19 pandemic, introducing remote patient monitoring products. CarePods represent the culmination of these efforts, offering a scalable, all-in-one medical solution. The company plans to launch 25 CarePods initially, with a vision to deploy 3,200 within a year.

CarePods operate seamlessly: users unlock the door with their mobile devices, perform various tests guided by a touchscreen interface, and receive real-time diagnoses. Each CarePod is staffed with attendants for basic assistance, and users can connect with doctors through a mobile app for any medical queries.

Adrian Aoun draws an analogy between Forward Health’s journey and Elon Musk’s Tesla models. The high-tech doctor’s office served as the “Model S,” and CarePods represent the scalable “Model 3.” Aoun envisions a future where CarePods become a ubiquitous healthcare solution.

Despite Aoun’s background as a computer scientist specializing in AI, Forward Health employs over 100 primary care clinicians, and its medical advisory board comprises five licensed medical doctors. The company’s proprietary AI, the LLM, reads and extracts care plans from the latest research papers, ensuring a blend of technological innovation and medical expertise.

Forward Health emphasizes personal privacy, employing stringent security practices and explicitly stating in its member agreement that it does not sell personal data. CarePod installations in malls, gyms, and offices, including Chicago’s Willis Tower, reflect the company’s expansion plans.

Adrian Aoun remains optimistic about CarePods’ potential, assuring that users find the system intuitive and effective. With a history of iterative development, Forward Health plans to double its footprint in 2024, initiating a nationwide rollout in key metropolitan areas. Aoun envisions CarePods evolving to offer even more features, potentially pushing the boundaries of healthcare innovation in the future.

By Impact Lab