In the pursuit of emission-free energy solutions, a German startup, Enapter, claims to have unlocked the key to making hydrogen—an eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels—accessible on a global scale. Co-founder Vaitea Cowan, inspired by her roots in the climate-affected South Pacific, established Enapter over three years ago with a mission to replace diesel generators in remote areas and combat reliance on dirty energy sources.

Enapter’s ion exchange membrane electrolysers, deployed in over 100 projects across 33 countries, transform renewable electricity into emission-free hydrogen gas. The company’s AEM electrolyser, developed more rapidly and affordably than anticipated, is already powering vehicles, aircraft, industries, and homes.

Recently honored with Prince William’s Earthshot Prize in the ‘Fix Our Climate’ category, Enapter’s green hydrogen technology relies on electrolysis—a chemical process powered by renewable energy to extract hydrogen from water. The company claims its AEM Electrolyser addresses efficiency and cost concerns associated with traditional hydrogen extraction methods, providing a swift and convenient means to produce green energy, even at the household level.

Enapter emphasizes the environmental efficiency of its electrolyser, citing that it uses approximately 2.4 liters of water to generate enough hydrogen for a couple’s home for several days. This amount is equivalent to half the water used to flush a toilet once and is eight times less than a dishwasher’s water consumption.

In a significant move towards a sustainable future, Enapter has joined forces with seven other prominent European cleantech companies to establish the Cleantech Scale-up Coalition. This coalition, backed by Bill Gates, founder of Breakthrough Energy, and Kadri Simson, European Commissioner for Energy, aims to propel Europe towards climate neutrality, energy autonomy, and industrial competitiveness.

Enapter envisions contributing to 10% of the world’s hydrogen production by 2050, underscoring its commitment to advancing clean energy solutions and paving the way for a future beyond fossil fuels.

By Impact Lab