In the ever-evolving landscape of AI-powered restaurants, Remy Robotics, a Spanish foodservice robotics company, is making waves with its innovative approach. Unlike traditional robot-run establishments, Remy Robotics’ new venture, “Better Days,” in New York City, combines the precision of robots with human expertise for a unique dining experience.

A New Era in AI-Powered Dining

Better Days, described as a health-focused fast-fine restaurant, utilizes Remy Robotics’ platform to create a human-free storefront. The distinctive aspect of this model involves off-site preparation by human chefs, who then deliver the menu to the automated restaurant. Robot arms take over to complete the final stages of food preparation, blending the strengths of robots’ precision with human culinary skills.

The Co-Bot Model in Action

Founder and CEO Yegor Traiman emphasizes that while robots may not excel at certain tasks like chopping or flipping, their precision makes them invaluable. Remy Robotics adopts a co-bot (collaborative robot) model, where human prep chefs handle intricate tasks such as chopping, and robots take charge of the precise finishing touches. This synergy aims to provide a seamless and efficient dining experience.

Recipe Precision through Algorithms

Remy Robotics employs advanced algorithms to convert recipes into exact instructions, considering parameters like weight, viscosity, and composition. The robots autonomously follow these algorithms, ensuring consistent quality in every dish. For example, the technology uses thermal cameras for quality control, comparing thermal images to a database to confirm whether a dish is cooked properly without opening the packaging.

The Future of Automated Dining

Currently, Better Days relies on CloudKitchens for off-premises distribution, offering customers the flexibility to order through various platforms. The restaurant is designed to facilitate precise timing, allowing customers to pick up their orders from designated food lockers at the exact moment of readiness. If successful, Remy Robotics envisions franchising the concept, marking a significant step towards end-to-end automation in restaurant operations.

Innovation Beyond Traditional Models

Yegor Traiman asserts that Better Days represents a true revolution in the restaurant industry, providing end-to-end automation and autonomy. Remy Robotics aims to redefine the dining experience, offering a glimpse into the future of fully automated restaurant operations that seamlessly integrate robotic precision and human culinary artistry.

By Impact Lab