In the midst of challenging times, Rubén Cruz, founder of The Clueless agency, faced a pivotal moment. Struggling with a lack of clients, Cruz and his team decided to innovate, leading to the birth of Aitana, Spain’s first AI-generated model. Aitana, a vibrant 25-year-old with pink hair hailing from Barcelona, emerged as an influencer icon, reshaping the landscape of brand representation and marketing strategies.

Cruz’s motivation stemmed from the frustration of relying on human models prone to unpredictability and ego clashes. By creating Aitana, the agency aimed to regain control over their projects while providing brands with a consistent and reliable model. Aitana’s success quickly followed, with her monthly earnings reaching up to €10,000, driven by endorsements and sponsored content.

The virtual model’s versatility shines through as she represents diverse brands, from sports supplements to lingerie, captivating over 121,000 Instagram followers with her engaging content. Aitana’s popularity extends to private messages from oblivious celebrities, highlighting her seamless integration into the influencer sphere.

Behind Aitana’s curated online persona lies meticulous planning by the agency’s team, who meticulously craft her life story and weekly activities. Using a blend of AI and design expertise, they ensure Aitana’s digital presence remains vibrant and relatable, resonating with her audience on a personal level.

Contrary to traditional models, Aitana boasts a distinct personality, embodying traits of a fitness enthusiast with a complex character. Her narrative unfolds through carefully crafted social media posts, offering followers a glimpse into her dynamic lifestyle.

Inspired by societal trends, Aitana’s design reflects the fusion of Eastern and Western influences, evident in her pink hair and gamer persona. The agency’s success with Aitana has led to the creation of Maia, a second virtual model, further solidifying their pioneering role in AI-driven marketing.

While lauded for its innovation, the initiative has sparked debates regarding the potential impact on societal perceptions of beauty and sexuality. Critics express concerns over unrealistic standards perpetuated by AI models, yet the agency defends its approach, citing alignment with existing aesthetic norms in influencer culture.

Beyond its commercial implications, the emergence of AI models like Aitana signals a paradigm shift in brand representation and advertising practices. By offering brands a cost-effective and customizable alternative to human models, this disruptive technology has the potential to democratize the fashion industry and empower small businesses.

As Aitana continues to captivate audiences worldwide, the debate surrounding AI models underscores broader conversations about the intersection of technology, aesthetics, and societal values in the digital age.

By Impact Lab