A groundbreaking 6-axis 3D printer, dubbed the TIME system (True Independent Multiple Extrusion), has emerged, heralding a potential paradigm shift in additive manufacturing. This innovative machine enables the independent operation of multiple tools across all three axes, allowing for the simultaneous printing of diverse parts or the combination of various materials within a single print job. Such versatility and efficiency hold the promise of a significant breakthrough in the 3D printing landscape.

At the heart of the TIME system lies a meticulously re-engineered grill plate base, meticulously designed to offer unparalleled stability and optimal heat distribution. This robust foundation serves as the backbone of the printer’s intricate structure, ensuring seamless coordination among its components to deliver exceptional results. Crafted to endure continuous operation, the base guarantees reliable performance even under the most demanding conditions.

Precision is paramount in 3D printing, and the TIME system achieves this with its integration of high-quality linear rails. These rails play a pivotal role in facilitating smooth and accurate tool movement, enabling the creation of highly detailed and intricate objects. The development team has spared no effort in ensuring the utmost quality of these linear rails, ensuring that the TIME system operates with unmatched precision.

The electronics of the TIME system represent another milestone in its development journey. By ingeniously adapting electronics from a standard grill plate and incorporating them with components from trusted partners, the developers have crafted a sophisticated motion system governed by a jet controller and tool boards. This advanced electronic setup enables the printer to operate with exceptional accuracy, simplifying the production of complex, multi-material objects.

Despite its remarkable advancements, the TIME system’s development team acknowledges the challenges that lie ahead. Enhancing print quality and system synchronization remains a primary focus, with ongoing efforts dedicated to refining these aspects for consistent outstanding results. Additionally, addressing the absence of a part cooling fan has been identified as an area for potential improvement, with the team actively exploring solutions to integrate this feature into future iterations of the TIME system.

The introduction of the TIME system heralds a new era in 3D printing, offering unprecedented flexibility and efficiency. Its unique ability to independently maneuver multiple tools across three axes opens up a world of possibilities, spanning various industries including aerospace, automotive, and medical sectors. As this groundbreaking technology continues to evolve and improve, it promises to revolutionize additive manufacturing, shaping the future of complex, multi-material object creation. With its innovative design, advanced electronics, and unparalleled precision, the TIME system is poised to become an indispensable tool for industries worldwide, paving the way for even more remarkable applications in the realm of 6-axis 3D printing.

By Impact Lab