Triple-A, a fintech company specializing in digital currency payment processing, has released an insightful report titled “The State of Global Cryptocurrency Ownership in 2024.” This report provides an in-depth analysis of cryptocurrency ownership trends worldwide and their evolving role in the financial ecosystem.

“Asia is leading this surge, with crypto ownership rising from 268.2 million to 326.8 million, a 21.8% increase. This growth highlights Asia’s significant role in shaping the digital currency landscape,” stated Eric Barbier, founder and CEO of Triple-A.

The report also details impressive growth figures from other regions:

  • North America: Cryptocurrency ownership increased from 52.1 million to 72.2 million, marking a 38.6% rise.
  • South America: Ownership surged from 25.5 million to 55.2 million, an astounding 116.5% increase.
  • Europe: Numbers grew from 30.7 million to 49.2 million, reflecting a 60.3% increase.
  • Africa: The continent experienced a moderate rise in ownership, from 40.1 million to 43.5 million, an 8.5% increase.
  • Oceania: Interest more than doubled, with ownership climbing from 1.4 million to 3.0 million, a 114.3% increase.

These statistics underscore the rapid adoption and growing influence of cryptocurrencies across the globe, positioning them as a key component of the future financial landscape.

By Impact Lab