A new trend in green technology focuses on converting energy from water or air into drinkable water. DrinkingMaker, an innovative company, is set to launch DrinkingWater, a solar-powered, multifunctional dispenser that extracts water from the air.

Amid the climate crisis and increasing water scarcity, DrinkingMaker drew inspiration from desert beetles and cacti to develop DrinkingWater, an advanced air-to-water (AWD) dispenser. This new technology is designed to yield up to 19 liters of water per day and offers optional mineral-rich filter cartridges, allowing users to customize their mineral water to personal preferences.

DrinkingWater stands out not only as a water dispenser but also as an air purifier and dehumidifier. Equipped with a solar power system, it remains functional even while traveling. The dispenser operates effectively in extremely dry conditions, thanks to AquaFetch+ technology, known for efficient water production and dehumidification, and advanced graphene tech.

“It captures water in dry areas, securing valuable sources even in arid regions,” stated DrinkingMaker. “Wherever you are, DrinkingWater provides boundless purity. From labs to crises, even war zones, ensuring abundant clean water sources and peace of mind.”

The next-gen 3-in-1 Atmospheric Water Dispenser has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, achieving over 2,200 percent of its initial goal with two weeks left in the campaign. The primary edition of the AWD is priced at $329, and the Pro Edition at $339, available for pre-order through the campaign.

Compared to other air-to-water dispensers like the Kara Pure by Kara Water, priced at £797.00 (approximately $996.25 USD), and Majik Water’s 500-liter unit at $12,500, DrinkingMaker’s dispenser, similar in size to a countertop espresso machine, appears more affordable.

New Atlas reported the campaign’s substantial backing, highlighting the DrinkingMaker team’s presentation of the product at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair and videos demonstrating its real-world use. Despite uncertainties in crowdfunding translating to real-world products, backers have shown strong support.

DrinkingWater also features the firm’s AirTrue technology, which employs three major barriers to remove 99.97 percent of harmful PM2.5 particles and effectively adsorb 99.7 percent of particles. This ensures a bacteria, virus, and allergen-free environment, particularly during spring and summer, protecting the respiratory health of family members.

With its innovative design and multifunctional capabilities, DrinkingWater by DrinkingMaker holds promise for addressing water scarcity and improving accessibility to clean water worldwide.

By Impact Lab