Screen rage is the new temper-tantrum

screen rage problem

Don’t take away the iPad!

At five years-old, it’s no fun getting interrupted while you’re focused on something. As a parent, I compensate for that by employing a series of intricately planned measures to guide my son from whatever he happens to be doing towards whatever it is that I want him to do instead.

The extremity of these measures depends entirely what’s being interrupted. If he’s playing outside with his sister, the steps I take are fairly mundane. I give him a few, gentle time checks (“five minutes until dinner” … “3 minutes until dinner” …), and then offer something enticing enough to make putting down the ball seem like less of an intrusion (“Tonight’s chicken has both teri and yaki on it!”).

If I need to transition my son from building a cardboard village with grandma to going to bed for the night, I need to combine my time checks with some subtle threats and an Obi Wan Kenobi-like response to his three hundred or so repetitions of some variation of, “No. I don’t want to. But you said. Why are you doing this to me?”

The techniques are all pretty simple and effective. Until it’s time to get him to put down the iPad.

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Bicycle buses let Dutch kids pedal together to school


A little more in back!

It’s been said that the most important lessons in life are not learned in the classroom, and perhaps in no place is that more true than in the Netherlands where the act of heading to school is itself so enriching. In an age of rising gas prices and skyrocketing cases of childhood obesity, Dutch educators have devised a wonderfully positive way to get kids to and from school — by letting them pedal there themselves on a brand new fleet of bicycle buses…

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Taga transforms from bike to stroller in 20 seconds



Cycling parents usually have to give up their two-wheelers when their first baby arrives, but the Taga could change all that – it’s a a bike that doubles as a stroller! The multitasking bike can be easily switched from a bicycle to a stroller in 20 seconds flat. Designed so that the child is placed in front of you, in between your arms – rather than behind or to your side – the Taga offers an increased level of control and safety for green parents who want to keep their carbon footprint low. (video)

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Cocaine on 9 in 10 baby changing stations in the UK

baby changing staion

Changing tables are convenient for changing a baby or, apparently, snorting a line.

Those baby changing stations found in public bathrooms often look a little suspect when it comes to cleanliness. But of all the things you might imagine would be mucking up the surface, probably cocaine didn’t cross your mind.

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The amazing origami automatic stroller

Anyone who has dealt with collapsing and reopening a baby stroller knows it can be a real pain. And when you’re a parent trying to juggle kids, bags of baby gear and your shopping, the last thing you want to do is monkey around with a stroller that just won’t collapse properly.

The 4Moms company has created the solution to this problem: a stroller that collapses and reopens itself with the touch of a button…

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Evoz turns your iPhone into a baby monitor



The modern baby monitoring system that works over iOS will finally start shipping on October 4th. Evoz is unlike the traditional walkie-talkie-like baby monitors, you don’t need a separate receiver to use the system – you can just use your own iOS devices, like your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, to function as both the monitor and receiver.


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Dirty diapers? Knowaste will turn them into roofing material


A new destination for diapers.

For those of us who wince every time a dirty diaper is discarded, take heart: Canadian company Knowaste can now transform those soiled, disposable nappies into roofing material. That’s right, billions of baby-poop gems and even adult ‘accidents’ due to incontinence, are ripe for the picking and destined for our roofs, thanks to a process that transforms diaper waste into plastic pellets, which can then be made into roofing tiles and tubing.

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New composting facility dedicated to dirty diapers

composting-disposable-diapers 567

Compostable diapers would save mountains from landfills.

Articles have been written before about composting dirty diapers, and we got very excited about the news that mushrooms could break down diapers in 2 months, but given that end-of-life disposal options remain limited, and cloth diapers are yet to become the norm, what to do about the mountains of diaper waste created each year? One New Zealand community is looking at opening a dedicated diaper-composting facility to deal with the problem…

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