Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2011

My Handy Hold is an easy to use child handle that teaches children how to stay close, without constraint, while keeping parent’s hands free. (Pics)


Holding hands with small children can cause sore backs, tired arms and frustration for everyone!  All these problems are simply eliminated when you use My Handy Hold®.  Adults hands stay free.  Children stay close but are no longer tugging on you.  Everyone comes out happier when using this product.

handy hold 4

My Handy Hold® is a fantastic alternative to child leashes!  This great patent pending child handle gives children a great sense of independence while keeping parents comfortable knowing that their children are close by.  Simply buckle My Handy Hold® onto your stroller, diaper bag, purse, shopping cart, belt loop…and have the child hold onto the other end.  A quality looped grip gives the child something sturdy to hold on to, while a stretchy middle gives them a little further reach when walking.  Your child will learn great responsibility while holding on to stay close enough for you to feel secure and far enough for them to feel unconstrained.

handy hold 5

my handy hold 1

Handy Hold 2

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