Cycling parents usually have to give up their two-wheelers when their first baby arrives, but the Taga could change all that – it’s a a bike that doubles as a stroller! The multitasking bike can be easily switched from a bicycle to a stroller in 20 seconds flat. Designed so that the child is placed in front of you, in between your arms – rather than behind or to your side – the Taga offers an increased level of control and safety for green parents who want to keep their carbon footprint low. (video)

We all know that bikes are an eco-friendly mode of transportation. Well what about a bike that turns into a stroller? Taga, a new mode of transportation that can easily be switched between a bike and a stroller in 20 seconds, was developed by an international team of designers and engineers who wanted to give parents the fun of a bicycle with the functionality of a stroller. Also unlike a normal bike trailer where the child rides in the back, the Taga is set up so your child rides in between your arms. Yes, it seems like the Taga team have thought of everything, including a second child seat, a car seat adaptor, even a shopping basket.


Via Inhabitat