7 ridiculous travel accessories that will drive fellow passengers crazy


The B-Tourist

Recently, the travel world has gone into a frenzy over the knee defender, a little $22 device that caused quite the scuffle on a United Airlines flight. The plastic attachment clips onto the seat, and prevents the person sitting in front of you from reclining. It is banned by most U.S. carriers, yet a man tried to use it on a flight and really annoyed the woman in front of him. Words were exchanged, drinks were thrown, and eventually the plane was diverted to Chicago and the two offenders were taken off of the plane.


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Necklissi – One of a Kind Jewelry that Decorates Your Neckline


Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2010

A Necklissi™ is patented Necklissi™ jewelry that decorates your neckline with a stunning Necklissi™ accessory. We have always had pins, necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets but now there is a concept so original it has been patented. (Pics)


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Trendy And Fashionable Creative Lashes

Trendy And Fashionable Creative Lashes 

Thinking of fashion and trends, I got thinking that ultimately it is the ‘whole’ look that makes an impact…a fab dress, great shoes, right accessories, they all fail to make create magic by themselves. It’s only when they complement each other that a person looks good. And accessories go a long way in adding a dash of style to any outfit.

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The Battery-Powered Battery Charger

 The Battery-Powered Battery Charger

The P970 can be charged and then taken on the road as a second battery for gadgets with a USB input .

It sounds like a solution waiting for a problem, but Motorola’s P970 battery-powered battery recharger began shipping, four months after the curved, PEBL-like gagdet was announced at the Singapore-hosted CommunicAsia 2006 show. UPDATE (2009):  Motorola’s P970 was Zen-like in its simplicity – a rechargeable battery that recharged your cell phone’s battery via a mini USB port. Too bad it’s no longer on the Motorola Web site.

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