New Weedkiller may be causing mass tree deaths in U.S.


White pine trees, a species under assault by Imprelis.

Unruly herbicides are making headlines again: A couple weeks ago, it was the fact that the world’s top-selling weedkiller was causing birth defects. This time, it looks like the brand new herbicide Imprelis, manufactured by the chemical giant DuPont and okayed for use by the EPA, is causing mass tree deaths in a number of vulnerable species across the US…

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Ten Word Wiki

tenword wiki 3214
Ten Word Wiki describes itself as “an encyclopedia for the ADD generation.” The site is like Wikipedia, but all entries are limited to ten words. Since there aren’t that many entries yet, you may want to browse the “recent changes” tab and then take a stab at some entries of your own!
Here is the entry for “pie”.

A savoury or sweet gloop, usually lumpy, encased in pastry.

And for “Lance Armstrong”…

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7 Foods Banned in Europe Still Available in the U.S.


So much for Organic food!

How many times do you hear people say: “Well, it must be safe because the government allows it?” But can you rely on that? Maybe a look as some of the foods and food practices which are permitted in the U.S. and banned in Europe could shed light on how governments judge safety in the food chain.

Here’s 7 food related points ponder. Some are certainly a lot more potentially damaging or unsafe than others…

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iPhones For Every Freshmen At ACU

iPhones For Every Freshmen At ACU

Even the crazy hot chicks are attracted to ACU now

iPhones or iPod Touches will be issued to incoming freshmen at Abilene Christian University (ACU) this fall. The intent is to provide what amounts to a “campus lifeline” that lets students check on every aspect of their campus life with a single, pocket-sized device. (Video)

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Moms Using Cell Phones During Pregnancy May Cause Behavior Issues


Pregnant women should probably add cellphones to the list of things they need to avoid, along with alcohol, sushi and cat poo. A giant study that surveyed over 13,000 children found that women who used mobile phones when pregnant were more likely to give birth to kids with behavioral problems.


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