The Race is On to Grab Custom Domain Name Suffixes


The price tag to apply for a custom domain name suffix is only $185,000.

The pillar of the basic Web address – the trusty .com domain – is about to face vast new competition that will dramatically transform the Web as we know it. New Web sites, with more subject-specific, sometimes controversial suffixes, will soon populate the online galaxy, such as .eco, .love, .god, .sport, .gay or .kurd.


Virtual Permanent Address for Mail and Package Delivery


Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2010

The V-Mail Address is a permanent address that will stay the same no matter where you live or move. It can be an email address,domain name, or even a phone number. It is simple to say, type, and store. No more: street number, street, apt #, city, state, and zip. 


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