Non-electric waterpik

The Pocket Flosser is the perfect addition to the toothbrush, giving you the best electric oral care experience without electricity or batteries. Using ingenuity, and principles of physics, the Pocket Flosser is a waterpik that can clean your teeth effectively using water or even your mouthwash. Relying on an internal pump that lets you build high pressure, the Pocket Floss can shoot out a jet-stream of water, cleaning the areas between your teeth just like a floss would, but without the pain and the bleeding that can sometimes accompany flossing.

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DryMate – Tumble Dryer with New Energy-Efficient Vacuum Technology



DryMate is a clothes dryer that uses a new vacuum technology to dry clothes at lower temperature. As a result lesser energy is consumed, and heat-related damage to the clothes is avoided. The dryer scores another brownie point for being easily accessible from a standing position. To aid its stand further, a 9 degree tilt and a wide-mouth drum has been incorporated to the design. The rounded exterior gives a refreshing new form to the redundant cuboids that we see at homes. (Pics)


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