Skier Airbags – Motorcyclist-protection Technology Coming to the Ski Slopes

skier airbags

Dainese is trying to bring airbag technology to the slopes.

Almost anything that you can use to get around quickly comes with an airbag these days, even flying cars. So it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that airbags could be the newest accessory you see skiers wearing the next time you hit the slopes.


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The Great Alpine Finger Pulling Championships

 The Great Alpine Finger Pulling Championships

To win a finger wrestling contest you have to pull your opponent across a table, using only one of your digits

It may sound funny, but for some Bavarian and Austrian men finger wrestling is no joke. They take it very seriously: For them it’s about prestige and honor.

In the old days, people say, it was used to settle disputes. Today it has the standing of a national sport in the Alpine region of southern Germany and neighboring Austria. (Pics)

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Artificial Snow Harming Alpine Environment

 Artificial Snow Harming Alpine Environment

To keep ski tourism alive, many resorts are using artificial snow produced by snow cannons.

Artificial snow may help Alpine ski resorts to fight the effects of climate change, but it also creates environmental problems of its own. Is summer tourism the only thing that can save the struggling resorts?


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