Most polluted cities of the world’s biggest economies

Smog in Beijing

Beijing, China is frequently shrouded in dense, yellowish smog so thick that the other side of the road is obscured. But over the past weekend the deadly smog that enveloped the city was so bad that air-quality readings from a monitor on the roof of the American Embassy said simply: “Beyond Index”. (Chart)


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Hundreds celebrate annual Twins Festival in Beijing

Hundreds of Chinese twins, triplets and quadruplets dressed in matching outfits celebrated their rare brother-and-sisterhood over the weekend in a country where most people grew up as the only child in the family.

In a bustling park decorated with gigantic red lanterns, the Beijing Eighth Annual Twins Festival featured a parade as well as music and dance performances. At least 500 pairs of twins attended the event on the second day of China’s week-long National Day holidays…

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