How to start a business with no money


Startup advice can be seductive. From motivational quotes to magazine profiles, there’s a persistent narrative that if you follow your passion, log 80 hours a week, and “hustle hard,” you’ll create the next Amazon or Airbnb.

It is possible.

We all know that hard work can produce incredible results. But the prevailing rise-and-grind mythology often pushes founders into business before they’re ready.

Many smart, ambitious people feel pressured to quit their jobs and go all-in. They work around the clock, sacrificing their health and happiness to chase a startup dream.

For every founder who’s battling exhaustion and surviving on protein bars, I’d like to suggest a different path.

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What are startup junkies really addicted to?

When you think about the term “startup junkie”, what comes to mind?  “Junkie” is someone who has some kind of addiction but “startups” aren’t a clearly defined drug that you buy on the corner.  Startups aren’t really a definable thing at all.  They are more like a messy, unpredictable process.  Are startup junkies addicted to uncertain processes and outcome?  Most startup junkies are actually addicted to something other than the difficult task of starting and growing a profitable business.


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Bootstrapping is just as over-rated as raising venture capital?


Is bootstrapping over-rated?

Entrepreneurship requires balancing unbridled optimism with delusional foolishness. Most entrepreneurs are mocked and misunderstood until they are wildly successful, at which point the chorus changes from “good luck with that ‘business’, pal” to “I always believed in ya, buddy!”

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