Hispanics Comprise Almost Half of All People Sentenced to Federal Prison


The prison system has many more Hispanics than it did 10 years ago.

Hispanics now comprising half of all people sentenced for felony crimes in the U.S.  Programs like Operation Streamline, institute a “zero tolerance policy” for illegal border crossings where immigration crimes have skyrocketed.


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Climate Change Could Increase Mexico-U.S. Migration: Study


The study says climate change may drive up to 6.7m Mexicans across the border into the US by 2080

A warming climate could see millions of adult Mexicans migrate to the US as rising temperatures cause a drop in crop yields, according to a study by researchers at Princeton University.  For every 10% of lost crop yields in Mexico, another 2% of Mexicans are likely to leave their country, the study says.


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Indian Minister Says Eunuch Regiment Needed To Protect Borders

eunuchs in india

Will Eunuchs Like These Be Guarding India’s Borders?
A regiment of eunuchs should be established to guard India’s borders and leading politicians, a state minister said on Tuesday, citing their “loyalty and integrity”. “In my humble opinion, if eunuchs are engaged in policing or paramilitary forces they would do a better service to the nation,” said Tako Dabi, home minister of the north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Mexicans Fleeing the Drug War Pour Into the U.S.


The opening in a rusty metal fence built in recent years to keep illegal immigrants from crossing into the United States has a new nickname among local residents, Jurassic Park Gate.

The giant rusty fence of metal bars along the border here, built in recent years to keep illegal immigrants from crossing into the United States, has a new nickname among local residents: Jurassic Park Gate, a nod to the barrier in a 1993 movie that kept dangerous dinosaurs at bay in a theme park.


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Amazing Photos: Looking Into Reclusive North Korea

Looking Into Reclusive North Korea

North Korean soldiers walk in an early morning mist with
their rifles and spades along the North Korean-Chinese border

News stories about North Korea have been quite frequent recently, with their test launch of a rocket over Japan, withdrawal from nuclear disarmament talks coupled with a threat to restart their nuclear program, reports that their nuclear attack capabilities may be larger than previously thought – and their recent arrest and indictment of two U.S. reporters on its border with China. Even with all this attention, photographs from North Korea are still restricted and hard to come by. One way around that has been for photographers to peer inside from across the border, a pastime that has also spurred a level of curious tourism in both neighboring South Korea and China. (Pics)

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Mexico on the Brink of Chaos

Mexico’s On The Brink Of Chaos

 A frightening number of drug-related deaths in Mexico

Raymond Alvarez: The quickly rising numbers graphically displayed on a Los Angeles Times web page are telling. Mexico’s drug war story is darkened by numbers, staggering numbers. There were 7,337 drug-related deaths in 2008, the Times reports. The death toll from terrorist attacks in Mumbai last year approaches the average weekly body count in Juarez, which is just across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas.

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Six Micronations You Can Join (Petoria, anyone?)


Admit it – you’ve thought about what life would be like if you ruled your own country. I would make an awesome Queen, just for the record. Diet Coke would flow from kitchen faucets, scientists would put all of the vitamins and minerals you need into low-calorie mint-chocolate chip ice cream and the Killers would sing our national anthem. OK, so maybe not everyone would want to live in Conradtia, but that’s fine. I’ll declare myself a micronation. Micronations usually exist only on paper or in the minds of their creators and aren’t recognized by governments or organizations or anything like that (so… maybe Conradtia already exists?!). Although some micronations actually have their own currency, stamps, passports, flags and other “national” memorabilia, none of it is considered valid except to the people who, well, consider it valid. If that makes any sense. It’s different than an imaginary country, because in this case the “rulers” of the micronations actively seek to be recognized by world governments.

Now that we’ve established that, let’s take a look at a few micronations.

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